Latest Sightings April 2013

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The "Area Seen" refers to the 10 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page under Monitoring ). .

All sightings unless stated are from personal observations by Eddie Napper

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29/04/13 In Area 10 today this morning a Mandarin was seen by Fraser Cottington flying over the Lavells Lake Car Park field on Sandford Lane. This brings the FOTEB Bird List to 65 species for the year.


Female Wheatear In Area 5 this morning a male Whitethroat briefly "touched down "in my Area 5 garden . In Area 2 to the rear of Tesco's this female Wheatear was in the Horse fields this evening. This is a very distant record shot.


Whitethroat In Area 8 off Old Forest Road this afternoon this male Whitethroat was singing from the bushes . Also seen and heard were Chiffchaff and Blackcap.


In Area 4 this morning a Bullfinch , 5 Swallow flew N and 4 Greylag Goose were seen to fly NE by Paul Bright Thomas.


Redstart Another day and more new birds. Area10 seems to be getting more than its fair share. The Lavell's Lake Car Park field off Sandford Lane produced a stunning male Redstart found by Paul Bright Thomas. Unfortunately when I turned up later I could not relocate the bird. However a singing male Whitethroat and a Reed Bunting were seen. This brings the FOTEB list to 62 species seen so far this year.Photo is again courtesy of Fraser Cottington.


Pied Flycatcher In Area10 this morning at Dinton Pastures by the play and picnic area a female Pied Flycatcher was found in the bushes alongside the Emm Brook by Brian Bennett. Unfortunately when I turned up at Lunch time despite searching the bird had dissappeared. However during my search I did see numerous Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Willow Warbler, Blue Tit , Great Tit & Long tailed Tit . Photo is courtesy of Fraser Cottington.


Nuthatch In Area's 4 & 5 this morning summer migrants were very much in evidence. A singing male Blackcap was next to Ripplestream Bridge. At least 3 male Chiffchaff were singing around the Balancing Pond and the copse near Dragonfly Bridge. This calling male Nuthatch was in the Oak tree to the rear of Morrisons. With the sun shining it meant a trip to Area 10 (Dinton Pastures). The length of the Emm through Dinton Pastures was walked. In the Car Park field there was a calling Green Woodpecker , singing male Blackcap, Chiffchaff & Willow Warbler were also seen. From the the Sailing Club to the Culvert under the A329M (the road to the Fishermans Car Park) , the following were heard and seen, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Grey Heron, Mallard, Wren, Robin, Nuthatch, Song Thrush & Greylag Goose .

13/04/13 In Area 10 today the first singing Willow Warblers of the year were seen by Fraser Cottington in the Lavells Lake Car Park field on Sandford Lane. Also seen was a Coal Tit .

11/04/13 Grey Heron A quick trip to Area 10 (Dinton Pastures) by the Sailing Club , produced a singing maleChiffchaff and this very confiding Grey Heron feeding on the banks of the Emm. 2 Egyptian Geese were nearby.

08/04/13 In Area 10 today 51 Redwing and 4 Fieldfare were seen in the Lavells Lake Car Park field on Sandford Lane. However at least 40Fieldfare were in the hedgerow near the green Bridge where the Emm meets the Loddon. Both sightings by Richard Marsh. In Area 5 a pair of Bullfinch were seen near Ripplestream Bridge.


Grey Wagtail More sun and today in Area's 4 & 5, 2 Chiffchaff were singing at seperate locations. 3 Grey Wagtails were feeding in the channel through the middle of the balacing pond. 2 male and 1 female Bullfinch were in the copse to the rear of Arthur Road.

06/04/13 The sun finally came out and the first Chiffchaff of the year was seen and heard around the Balancing pond in Area 4. A pair of Grey Wagtails were feeding in the channel through the middle Chaffinches In Area 10 a Kingfisherf flew along the Emm by the Bridge from Lavells Lake Car Park on Sandford Lane seen by Tony Harden.


Mallard These Mallard must have decided that it was too cold for flying today and chose instead to sit on this Area 5 roof.

04/04/13 Still cold but suitably wrapped up the walk top work was very pleasant. A total of 23 species were seen. Thrushes were feeding in the open spaces with 17 Redwing,2 Mistle Thrush, 5 Blackbirds & 2 Song Thrush by Ripplestream bridge. A group of 4 Song Thrush were also by Meadow Road in Area 4. Singing birds included Wren, House Sparrow, Dunnock, Robin and Great Tit. A Goldcrest was moving up and down the trunk of the brook side trees near Dragonfly Bridge. The Red Kite was looking for an early meal at 07:00 across Area 5.

01/04/13 Some would say that only a FOOL would venture out on yet another cold and bleak day. Therefore all sightings were from the dining room window. Siskins and Chaffinches were constant visitors to the feeders all day. 2 Nuthatch possibly a pair were feeding on the fat balls. Red Kite were hunting to the rear of Morrison’s in Area 5.

Insects & Spiders


Early Thorn This Early Thorn Selenia dentaria moth was sitting on my kitchen window in Area 5, following my return from a night out.


Small Tortoiseshell In Area 8 this afternoon off Old Forest Road, the 4th Butterfly species of the year was seen Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae. Also seen were 5 Peacock Inachis io a single Comma Polygonia c-album and a Brimstone Gonepteryx rhammi.


Peacock In Area 10 today in Lavell's Lake Car Park field off Sandford Lane a Peacock Inachis io Butterfly was resting on the ground allowing this photo. This brings the total seen so far this year to 3 species.


In Area 10 today whilst waiting for the Flycatcher Comma Polygonia c-albumand Brimstone Gonepteryx rhammiwere seen.


In Area 2 today a Comma Polygonia c-album Butterfly was seen.


Bombus hypnoruml In Area 10 today 3 Brimstone Gonepteryx rhammi Butterflies were seen at different locations. Tree Bees Bombus hypnorum Buff- tailed Bumblebees Bombus terrestris were also seen and were also seen in Area 5 to the rear of Morrisons.

08/04/13 On my way home tonight 2 Buff- tailed Bumblebees Bombus terrestris were seen near Meadow Road Bridge. A first sighting for the year.


7-spot Ladybird This 7-Spot LadybirdCoccinella 7-punctata emerged from its Winter hiding place when the sun came out. Other Wildlife




24/04/13 In Area 10 on Sandford Lane the first Hedgehog of the year was seen today. Unfortunately it was dead at the side of the road..

19/04/13 The first Muntjac Deer were seen today in Area 10 .


Reptiles & Amphibians


Tadpoles In the Area 4 Balancing Pond, the Frog Spawn is now going into the Tadpole stage.

06/04/13 The Frog spawn was still in the balancing pond allbeit under a layer of ice in the early morning. .




Field Horsetail In Area 2, this evening to the rear of Tesco's these Field Horsetail Equisetum arvense were seen. Apparently these are the commonest of the Horsetails, but still the first that I have seen.


Cowslip In the Area 4 Wild Flower Meadow the first Cowslip was starting to emerge. A bit later than last year.


Wood Anemone The walk to work this morning was brightened up by these Wood Anemone.


In Area 5 behind Morrisons the first White Dead Nettle Lamium album of the year was seen.In Area 10 by the sailing club at Dinton Pastures the yellow flowers of ColtsfootTussilago farfara can be seen.


Loddon Lilly Another first for me. In Area 10 (Dinton Pastures) by the Sailing Club I came across theseLoddon Lilly's Leucojum aestivum. .


Sallow The male yellow catkins of Sallow Salix caprea seem to be taking a long time to appear this year. The female catkins are Green and are on seperate trees. These were in the Area4 Balancing pond.

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