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The "Area Seen" refers to the 10 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page under Monitoring ). .

All sightings unless stated are from personal observations by Eddie Napper

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2712/13 The Rowan trees are now all stripped of berries and the Thrush flock has moved on. The Finch flock is still present and is supplemented by a good number of Tits.

25/12/13 In Area 5 the Redwing and 40 Fieldfare flock had increased to 50+ and were again flushed from trees by the resident Sparrowhawk .


Pied Wagtail Grey Wagtail In Area 4 and 5 this morning in the sunshine a total of 29 species were seen and heard . These included Great spotted Woodpecker and Green Woodpecker the Redwing and other Thrushes caught the attention of the Sparrowhawk who visited the berry trees. Both Grey Wagtail and Pied Wagtail were seen .Finches included Siskin ,Greenfinch ,Goldfinch & Chaffinch . 60 Wood Pigeon werec seen heading E.

20/12/13 Redwing The Rowan trees in Area 5 around Brookside, were being stripped of berries today by at least 25+ Redwing , at least 1 Fieldfare and a couple of Blackbirds .

15/12/13 Wood Pigeon's were on the move this morning in Area 5 with at least 35 heading E and 80 + heading N.

13/12/13 Fraser Cottington was out and about in Area 10 and the Lavells Lake car park field and managed to see, 40+ Redwing and 40 Fieldfare flying E. A Grey Wagtail flew to the Emm Brook, and a Mistle Thrush over low East. In Area 5 the only thing of note was a male Sparrowhawk seen hunting as all the birds were flying in to roost.

09/12/13 Not much to report today, a lunch time visit to Area 10 and the Lavells Lake car park field , only produced a solitary Rink necked Parakeet and a Goldcrest of any note.

07/12/13 Magpie A noisy start to the day in Area 5, with a Song Thrush singing its urgent-sounding, perfectly enunciated phrases, repeating each several times over at 05:30. A sure sign of the changing seasons. In the trees to the rear of Morrisons were 12 Magpies chattering away at 08:30. The finch flock consisting of Greenfinch , Goldfinch , Chaffinch and Siskin has now swelled to about 75. They can regularly be seen in the Alders by the Emm to the rear of Morrisons.

01/12/13 Redwing In Area 5 a total of 22 species were seen and heard this morning a male Great spotted Woodpecker was drumming on the trees by the river and a Red Kite was circling over the river at 07:30. Good numbers of Thrushes included Redwing coming to garden apples, at least 3 Mistle Thrush rattling from the tree tops . Blackbirds and Song Thrush were feeding on Rowan berries. In Area 7 a Kingfisher was seen flying upstream through Emmbrook Walk towards Emmbrook Road bridge.

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22/12/13 Squirrel In Area 5 this morning Grey Squirrel's were out and about enjoying the sun. The Squirrel's winter fur is dense and silvery grey with a brown tinge along the middle of the back. Summer fur is yellowish-brown. The grey squirrel does not hibernate and it cannot store enough energy to survive for long periods without food. A larger, thicker winter drey is built, usually on a strong branch close to the trunk, and a squirrel will lie up in this in very cold weather, coming out now and then to search out hidden stores of food. These stores of single nuts and other items are buried in the ground in autumn, well spread out. They are found by smell, rather than memory. Often they are not found at all and later may grow, helping the dispersal of trees. Winter dreys are often shared for warmth. As it sleeps, the squirrel curls its tail around its body to act as a blanket.



01/12/13 Fungi In Area 4 on the base of a recently fallen Oak tree, Fungi have now taken hold . Arcyria denudata Respunate fungi The first on the left of the trunk is the Slime Fungi Arcyria denudata and to the right is an as yet unidentified Respunate Fungi .


27/12/13 Willow The recent strong winds have taken a toll on this riverside Willow .

22/12/13 White Nettle The only flowers visible in Area 5 this morning were White Nettle with several seen adjacent to the Emm.

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