Gorrick Well
Gorrick Woods is a 64.9 acre Forestry Commission plantation that lies in Area 1 of the Emm Brook. A tributary of the Emm flows through the woods and on towards Luckley School. If you look at the old OS maps for this area you can clearly see it marked “Gorrick Well site of”. This ancient well, the waters of which were described as strong chalybeate( mineral water impregnated with iron) were supposed to have possessed great healing powers , especially for eye diseases. It is alleged that non other than Queen Elizabeth 1 visited the site on at least 3 occasions.




The well and the curative powers of its waters are mentioned several times; In the “Topographical Dictionary “ edited by Samuel Lewis published in 1840 it is mentioned in the description of Berkshire as follows:” The mineral waters (writing of the county) are unimportant: the following only possess any note, viz, a weak chalybeate at Sunninghill, a mild cathartic at Cumner;a strong chalybeate in the parish of Wokingham, Called Gorrick Well.” It is also mentioned in Lyson’s “Magna Britannia” vol 1, p193. “There is a strong chalybeate spring called Gorrick Well, near Luckley House, in the parish of Wokingham.” It is also mentioned in Charles Knight’s “Journey –Book of Berkshire 1840 p 68”Near Luckley Green is a chalybeate spring, called Gorrick Well.