Insect Species

The following is a list of all Insect species that have been recorded as having occured around all 10 sections of the Emm Brook.

This is not a definitive checklist. The species listed here are those for which we have records on the wildlife database held by FOTEB.

These lists are being constantly updated as new species are identified.


The"Area Seen" column refers to the 10 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page).

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Cloeon dipterumCommon Resident5,10Mayfly
Dragonflies and DamselfliesOdonata
Banded DemoiselleColopteryx splendensCommon Resident5,8Banded Demoiselle
Beautiful DemoiselleColopteryx virgoCommon Resident5,8Beautiful Demoiselle
Azure Damselflyoenagrion puellaCommon Resident5,8Azure Damselfly
Common Blue DamselflyEnallagma cyathigerumCommon Resident5,8Common Blue
Blue-tailed DamselflyIschnura elegansCommon Resident5,8Blue-tailed Damselfly
Red-eyed DamselflyColopteryx splendensCommon Resident10Red-eyed Damselfly
Large Red DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphulaCommon Resident10Large Red Damselfly
Southern HawkerAeshna cyaneaCommon Resident10Male Southern Hawker
Four-spotted ChaserLibellua quadrimaculataCommon Resident10Four-spotted Chaser
Broad-bodied ChaserLibellua depressaCommon Resident10Broad-bodied Chaser
Black tailed SkimmerOrthetrum cancellatumCommon Resident1Black tailed Skimmer
Common DarterLibellua depressaCommon Resident10Common Darter
Ruddy Darter Sympetrum sanguineumCommon Resident10Ruddy Darter
Emperor DragonflyAnax imperatorCommon Resident10Emperor Dragonfly
DermapteraCricket and Grasshoppers Orthoptera
Meadow GrasshopperChorthippus parallelus Resident5Meadow Grasshopper
Dark Bush-cricketPholidopetera griseoapteraResident5Dark Bush Cricket
Roesel's Bush CricketColopteryx splendensResident5Roesel's Bush Cricket
Long-winged Cone-headChorthippus parallelus Resident5No Photo available
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissimaResident5Speckled Bush Cricket
Oak Bush CricketMeconema thalassinumResident5Oak Bush Cricket
Common EarwigForficula auriculariaResident5No Photo available
True Bugs Hemiptera
Forest BugPentatoma rufipesCommon Resident5Forest Bug
Hawthorn Shield BugAcanthosoma haemorrhoidaleCommon Resident5Hawthorn Shield Bug
Cercopis vulnerataCommon Resident5No Photo available
Sap BeetlesNitidulidae
Common Pollen BeetleMeligethes aenusResident5Common Pollen Beetle
Pine WeevilHylobius abietisCommon Resident5No Photo available
Rove BeetlesStaphylinidae
Nicrophorus investigatorResident5No Photo available
Scarabs & ChafersScarabaeidae
CockchaferMelolontha melolonthaResident5No Photo available
Minotaur Beetle Typhaeus typhoeusResident5No Photo available
Stag BeetleLucanus cervusResident5No Photo available
2-spot LadybirdAdalia 2-punctata Common Resident5No Photo available
7- spot LadybirdCoccinella-7-punctataCommon Resident57 Spot Ladybird
10- spot LadybirdCoccinella-7-punctataCommon Resident5Common Pollen Beetle
Orange LadybirdHalyzia 16-guttataCommon Resident5No Photo available
Harlequin LadybirdHarmonia axyridisCommon Resident5Harlequin Ladybird
14-spot LadybirdPropylea 14-punctataCommon Resident5No Photo available
True FliesDiptera
Flesh-flySarcophaga carnaria Resident5No Photo available
GreenbottleLucilia caesar Resident5No Photo available
Yellow Dung flyScathophaga stercoraria Resident5No Photo available
Crane FliesTipulidae
Hover FliesSyrphidae
Syrphus ribesiiResident5No Photo available
Eupeodes lunigeriResident5Eupeuodes luniger
Eupeodes nitensResident5No Photo available
Dasysyrphus albostriatusResident5No Photo available
Episyrphus balteatusResident5Episyrphus balteatus2011
Xanthogramma pediquessumResident5No Photo available
Volucella bombylansResident5No Photo available
Helophilus pendulusResident5No Photo available
Caddis FliesTrichoptera
Limnephilus lunatusResident5No Photo available
Glyphotaelius pellucidusResident5No Photo available
Bees,Wasps,Ants & their relativesHymenoptera
Gall Wasps
Artichoke Gall GallAndricus foecundatrixCommon Resident5Artichoke Gall
Marble GallAndricus kollariCommon Resident5Oak Marble Gall
Hedgehog Gall Andricus lucidusCommon Resident5No Photo available
Knopper GallAndricus quercuscalicis/i>Common Resident5No Photo available
Oak AppleBiorhiza pallidaCommon Resident5Oak Aple
Common Spangle GallNeuroterus quercusbaccarumCommon Resident5No Photo available
Robins Pincushion GallDiplolepis rosaeCommon Resident8No Photo available
Social WaspsVespidae
HornetVespa CraboCommon Resident5Hornet
Common WaspVespula vulgarisCommon Resident5Common Wasp
Leaf-Cutter BeeMegachile centuncularis Resident5Leaf-Cutter Bee
Honey BeeApis mellifera Resident5Honey Bee
Bumble Bees
Buff-tailed Bumble BeeBombus terrestrius Resident5Buff-tailed Bumble Bee
White-tailed Bumble BeeBombus lucorum Resident5White-tailed Bumble Bee
Early mining BeeAndrena haemorrhoaCommon Resident5Early mining Bee