Latest Sightings January 2016

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The "Area Seen" refers to the 10 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page under Monitoring ).

All sightings unless stated are from personal observations by Eddie Napper

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In Area 5 a Sparrowhawk was seen flying over my Area 5 garden this afternoon.A visit to Area 10 late afternoon ended in a failed attempt to see the Lavells Lake Bittern. However I was treated to a mini murmaration of Starling coming into roost in the reedbeds adjacent to the Emm.Approx 500+ birds were swooshingsround.Approx 250 Lapwing were also constantly on the move and approx 200 Jackdaw were moving around the landfill. At 17:00 I gave up and came home.


A drumming Great spotted Woodpecker was heard this morning in Area 5.


In Area 10 at the bottom of the car park field, Rik Dawson saw Ring-necked Parakeet.


A frosty start to the day and -6 C on the thermometer. A walk to work produced a Kingfisherperched on Ripplestream Bridge before flying upstream . Also on the river was a Grey Heron and 4 Mallard . A Song Thrush and a Wren were singing from nearby bushes.


In Area 4 seen this morning was a Cormorrant and a Common Gull .


Paul Bright Thomas's was out in his Area 4 garden again this morning and seen were 2 Mistle Thrush a Common Gull and a small flock of Siskin .


Seen from Paul Bright Thomas's Area 4 garden this morning were 2 Long tailed Tits ,5 Stock Dove and a female Bullfinch .


The first Green Woodpecker of the year was heard yaffling near the balancing pond in Area 4. The flock of Siskin was up to 40+ this morning.


In Area 5 a Goldcrest was seen feeding in a Elder bush on the riverbank.


In Area 4 by the Balancing pond this morning a singing Coal Tit was heard by Paul Bright Thomas.


Rook Area 2 around Luckley Wood was chosen for a walk this morning, thankfully before the rain set in. A Ring necked Parakeet was calling as it flew from Gorrick Wood. Good numbers of Rook, Jackdaw & Carrion Crow were feeding in the fields. A pair of very noisy Egyptian Goose were sat in a tree. By the river a flock of 30 Siskin were feeding in the riverside Alders .


Grey Heron A wet damp and horrible start to the day, with rain and drizzle. Most of the birds were sheltering from the rain.A flock of 30 Redwing were moving through the hedges. A Grey Heron was in the channel of the Balancing pond. A Great spotted Woodpecker was heard calling . In the bushes, by the Balancing pond a tit flock Great Tit, Blue Tit & Long tailed Tit were busily feeding. In Area 10 by the Green Brige where the Emm Brook joins the Loddon, Marek Walford saw Coal Tit and Chiffchaff in the riverside trees.


After the mild spell a bit of a shock to see frost this morning. My garden feeders, were proving attractive to the local Goldfinch & Chaffinch were seen in the bushes alongside the Emm.20 Redwing flew over and a flock of 15 Siskin were feeding in the Alder trees by the pond.


Other Wildlife



Grey Squirrel By Kingfisher Bridge this morning were 8 feeding, Grey Squirrell Sciurus carolinensis the most that I have seen togethher at once. .


The first Brown Rat Ratus norvegicus that I have seen for a long time was by Dragonfly Bridge in Area 5 this morning.A dead Wood Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus was also seen in Brookside. I expect caught by one of the local cats.


Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel In late winter, Grey Squirrell Sciurus carolinensis may be seen courting. One or more chattering males can be seen chasing a female through the tree or across the ground. These were in Area 4 seen by Kingfisher Bridge.



Jelly Ear On a dead Elder by the Emm in Area 2 this morning was Jelly Ear Fungus Auricularia auricula-judae. Jelly Ear is a rubbery ear-like fungus. This fungus is conspicuously ear shaped, ranging from purple to dark brown or black in colour with a rubbery texture, and most often found on dead elder trees but also on elm and beech trees.


Fish/ Crustacean



Daffodil Either a garden escapee or planted by the Council. this Daffodil Narcissus is just coming into bloom by the Spine Road.


Cuckoo Pint The first signs of Cuckoo Pint Arum maculatum are just starting to appear through the ground in Area 4 & 5.

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