These beautifully detailed, hand crafted maps have been drawn by Roland Ramsdale, one of our founding members.

We will always be indebted to him for the enormous task that he carried out. We have talked for ages about having access to maps that we could use without having issues over copyright and now, here they are!.

From all of us, a great big thank you to Roland.

By the way, these maps don't give FOTEB a copyright problem, but they are copyright material. So please, look at them and use them for any work related to FOTEB, but remember they belong to FOTEB and are copyright of Roland Ramsdale (2005). The Emm Brook flows into the River Loddon north of Lavells Lake. The full map which traces the brook upstream to various sources covers an area of 7 km east to west by 10 km north to south.

Full Map of the whole length of the Emm Brook (Large File)

For practical purposes the Emm Brook has been divided into a series of sections. The overview map provides a visual link to these sections, and enables the full extent of the brook to be seen without too much scrolling. Use this map to pick an area of interest and then click on a part of the river to bring up the detailed map of that section (at the moment you will need to use the "Back" button to return.
Overview Map (Areas 1-10 ) (160kb)

Use the links below to see the map of each section.
Lavells Lake and Dinton Pastures (Area 10 )
Winnersh (Area 9)
Emmbrook Walk (Areas 6,7 &8)
Woosehill( Areas 4 & 5)
Molly Millar's Lane (Area 3)
Chapel Green
Ludgrove School to Queen's Mere
King's Mere to Heath Pool
Queen's Mere to Heath Lake
Ravenswood to Wellington College
Ludgrove School to Redlake
Redlake to Easthampstead Park College
Redlake to Transport and Road Research Lab