Latest Sightings November 2016

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The "Area Seen" refers to the 10 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page under Monitoring ).

All sightings unless stated are from personal observations by Eddie Napper

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Paul Bright Thomas saw 2 Goldcrest today in his Area 4 garden apple tree.


Watching from his Area 4 garden this morning Paul Bright Thomas saw 15 Redwing a flock of 7 Egyptoan Goose going S and 15 Fieldfare heading W.


A Kingfisher flew from its perch upstream again this morning in Area 5 by Ripplestream Bridge .


In Area 5 a Sparrowhawk was seen flying over Morrison’s car park at dusk, probably on the lookout for tea with a roosting bird.


Grey Wagtail Coal Tit A lot brighter day today, at my garden feeders were Nuthatch and a Coal Tit A late morning walk around the new open space in Area 8 off Old Forest Road produced 2 Sparrowhawk flying together before circling over the riverside trees, and a Grey Wagtail that dropped in briefly to inspect a puddle.


On the garden feeders in the rain this morning, Goldfinch numbers peaked at 8, with the regular Blue Tit & Great Tit . A Robin spent most of its time trying to chase a Dunnock out of my Area 5 garden.


Little Owl Heard and then seen in Area 1 a Little Owl was enjoying the sunshine. In Area 5 a Sparrowhawk was hunting around the gardens of Brookside.


Moorhen A Kingfisher flew from its perch upstream in Area 5 by Ripplestream Bridge this morning. A Moorhen was in the field before running back to the Emm Brook. Seen by Paul Bright Thomas in Area 4 were, a Little Egret heading low N, an adult Common Gull going S, Green Woodpecker , Skylark going S,a Fieldfare moving SW and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull heading SE.


6 Fieldfare and 35 Wood Pigeon were seen by Paul Bright Thomas heading NW in Area 4 this morning.


Garden watching from his Area 4 garden Paul Bright Thomas saw 4 Linnet heading S, 8 Siskin in trees by the Emm Brook and 650 Wood Pigeon were seen heading S. In the Area 10 car park field Meadow Pipit, Chiffchaff and Kestrel were seen by Fraser Cottington.


A Brambling was heard calling from Poplars near the edge of car park by Fraser Cottington in Area 10.



In Area 3 the Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris was looking for nectar on the fading flowers of Ivy

Other Wildlife



At least 2 Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus are stillvisiting my Area 5 garden.


At 21:00 a Fox Vulpes vulpes was seen running through Brookside in Area 5.


Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus still appearing nightly in my Area 5 garden, up to 3 individuals were seen this evening.


A Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus was wandering around my Area 5 garden at 22:00.


Roe Deer 3 Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus were feeding in the fields off Luckley Road in Area 2 this morning.



More fungus this time in Area 5 Golden Spindles Clavulinopsis fusiformis is appearing on my front lawn.


Fly Agaric Common Earthball Autumn is a wonderful time of year to go for a woodland stroll.Area 1 and Gorrick Woods is always a good place to find fungi. It's amazing seeing how the familiar sights of summer have begun to fade, wither away and transition into the autumnal colours of gold and bronze. The smell of decay is fresh in the air, but with this rot comes the magical display of fungal delights, some perfectly edible, and some not so, but this doesn't make them any less special to find. Take, for example, that of the Common Earthball Scleroderma citrinum . These look much like the common and edible puffballs, but earth balls, although similar in appearance, are inedible, although not fearsomely toxic like some species of mushroom, but they should be avoided as they are poisonous nonetheless. The Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria mushroom is also common at this time of year.


Fish/ Crustacean