Latest Sightings January 2019

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The "Area Seen" refers to the 10 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page under Monitoring ).

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All sightings unless stated are from personal observations by Eddie Napper

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19/01/19 A bit of a gloomy start to the day so I visited Area 1 and Heathlake. On the water were Mallard , Tufted Duck , Mute Swan , Pochard , Coot and Black-headed Gull . The island in the middle had 3 Gey Heron and 4 Cormorrant sitting in the trees. My Area 5 garden was busy with Blackbird feeding on the Apples put out for them. 2 Long -tailed Tit were visiting the fat feeder in the afternoon. In Area 10 a Kestrel was seen on the zip wire on the Old golf course by Marek Walford.

18/01/19 In Area 1 at Luckley by the bridge at least 40 Siskin were feeding in the riverside Alder trees at 09:00. Meanwhile in Area 10 a Barn Owl was seen at the front of the Box by Richard Sajdak at 09:00 and later by Nick Kightley.

14/01/19 Just a few metres outside the FOTEB area 10 recording area , but a Tawny Owl was seen on the river Loddon by the Green Bridge by Brian Bennett and Roger Stansfield.

13/01/19  BarnOwl A Barn Owl was seen at the front of the Box in Area 10 by Geoff Emmett. Photo courtesy of Geoff Emmett

11/01/19 A Coal Tit was visiting my Area 5 garden feeders this morning, along with a Nuthatch .At least 4 Blackbird were feeding on the Apples on the lawn. An afternoon visit to Heathlake in Area 1 produced 2 Mute Swan , 1 Grey Heron , 10 Cormorrant roosting in the trees and 30+ Black headed Gull. Ducks were represented by numerous Mallard , Tufted Duck , Pochard , Shoveller also seen were Coot , Moorhen and Great crested Grebe .

10/01/19  Grey Wagtail Downstream of Kingfisher Bridge on the river in Area 4 was a Grey Wagtail .

08/01/19 In Area 10 on the old golf course, 8 Fieldfare and 22 Redwing were seen by the overflow car park by Brian Bennett.

07/01/19 In Area 4, Malcolm Dunmore was feeding a pair of Mallards from the Meadow Road bridge at 9 am this morning,when a Kingfisher landed then flew off downstream.

06/01/19 In Area 10 a Barn Owl was seen on the ground feeding on prey at the right hand end of the Bittern hide reedbed, before flying back to the box by Richard Marsh.

05/01/19 In Area 5, my neighbours Ash tree was full with 15 Redwing and 15 Goldfinch who eventually came down to feed on the Sunflowere Hearts. 3 Mistle Thrush flew over with their rattling call, to settle in a treetop close to the river. 2 Mallard were also seen. In Area 10 a Kestrel was perched ina tree on old Golf course seen by Jules Jones.

04/01/19  Little Owl 2 Egyptian Goose were seen flying over Woosehill Roundabout in Area 5 at 09:30 presumably heading for Windmill Pond. In Area 10, 2 Little Egret were seen at the end of the Emm Brook where it joins the Loddon at the green bridge by Roger Stansfield.The very reliable Little Owl was seen again in trees south of road from Luckley Road to Ludgrove School in Area 1 enjoying the lunch time sun.

03/01/19 2 Sparrowhawk In Area 10, a Sparrowhawk was seen flying low over the car park field and 9 Fieldfare were on the old Golf Course. Both sightings by Fraser Cottington.

02/01/19 A Little Owl was seen in trees south of road from Luckley Road to Ludgrove School in Area 1 by Peter Kendall.In Area 10 the Barn Owl was seen at the box again, this time by Paul Doctor.

01/01/19 The New Year started by watching my Area 5 garden, 5 Redwing were in a neighbours Ash tree , the Song Thrush was singing early in the morning, along with the Robin , Magpie and Starling were very interested in the mealworms on offer. A Jay flew across the garden and 3 Cormorrant were seen to fly over in a tight formation. In Area 1 at lunchtime a Little Owl was sitting out in its usual tree, with another one calling nearby. Ring necked Parakeet were heard calling and Jackdaw and Rook were noisly feeding in the fields. In Arae 10 2 Barn Owl were seen around the box by Fraser Cottington.



10/01/19  Pussy Willow In Area 4 near Kingfisher Bridge the catkins of Goat Willow Salix caprea are just starting to emerge. These are one of several Willows that are commonly known as "Pussy Willow".

02/01/19  Loddon Lily A walk in Area 10 at lunchtime by the Dinton Activity Centre and Loddon Lily Leucojum aestivum are starting to appear. Hazel Catkins The Catkins of Hazel Corylus avellana are also putting on a fine display.Albeit a bit early.The catkins are the familiar flowers of the hazel, but these just the male flowers which open to scatter their pollen, the female flowers are much smaller and easily overlooked. Each hazel will have flowers of both sexes, the catkins on the ends of the twigs and the female flowers a little further down. Why do leaves change colour

Other Wildlife

Amphibians and Reptiles


13/01/19  Wood Mouse An out of focus Wood Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus was caught on my garden trail cam again feeding on spilt seed in my Area 5 garden at 14.31.

12/01/19 A Wood Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus was caught on my garden trail cam feeding on spilt seed in my Area 5 garden at 04:30 this morming.




10/01/19 Near Meadow Road Bridge in Area 4 , an old Chicken of the woods Laetiporus sulphureus fungi can be seen on the trunk of a dead riverside tree.