Latest Sightings July 2020

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The "Area Seen" refers to the 11 sections that the Brook has been split into for monitoring purposes (see Wildlife page under Monitoring ).

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All sightings unless stated are from personal observations by Eddie Napper

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What is the Dawn Chorus

04/07/20 A male Kestrel was seen on the telephone cables in Area 7A between hunting forays across Eldridge Park.

03/07/20  Male Greenfinch  A singing male Greenfinch was seen in the carpark field in Area 10 by Geoff Emmett.

02/07/20  Green Woodpecker  On the beach in Area 10 next to Dinton Activity Centre a pair of Egyptian Goose were keeping a watchfull eye on their 3 goslings. A Redshank was also seen in the same area by Tim James. In the Brook it's self a probable nesting Moorhen was seen keeping close to the bankside vegetation.

01/07/20 In Area 5 a male Chiffchaff was heard calling near Dragonfly Bridge. They can also be heard in most of the other areas along the Emm.


04/07/20  Rhagonycha fulva On the Umbellifers on the Old Golf course was the common red soldier beetle Rhagonycha fulva Adults frequent flowers, especially Apiaceae (umbels), Asteraceae (thistles etc.) and Senecio jacobaea (ragwort) but they may be found on a very wide variety of plants. They fly readily and are quick to find new flowers. Adults are often seen mating as this is a prolonged affair, hence the vernacular name of "Bonking Beetle".

03/07/20  Large Skipper A very tatty looking Large Skipper Ochlodes sylvanus was in the grass in the Area 10 Car Park field.  14 Spot ladybird  On the riverside vegetation by Kingfisher Bridge in Area 4 was a 14 Spot ladybird Propylea quattuordecimpunctata

01/07/20  Riband Wave  Seen in Area 5 by the pond was a Riband Wave Idaea aversata . These are very common moths and come readily to light.

Plants/ Trees

03/07/20  Common Burdock  Amongst the riverside vegetation by Kingfisher Bridge in Area 4 is Common Burdock Arctium minus .Natures Velcro. In 1948, Swiss engineer and amateur mountaineer George de Mestral went hiking in the woods with his dog. Upon arriving back at his home, he took note of the burrs that clung to his clothes and he wondered if such an idea could be useful in commercial application. He studied a burr under a microscope only to discover that they were covered in tiny hooks, which allowed them to grab onto clothes and fur that brushed in passing. After more than eight years of research and work, he created what is known now today as Velcro, a combination of the words “velvet” and “crochet.” Made up of two strips of fabric, one covered in thousands of tiny hooks and the other with thousands of tiny loops, the materials gripped together firmly while still allowing easy release.

Amphibians and Reptiles


05/07/20 A further 2 Red Fox Vulpes vulpes cub's were seen in riverside vegetation, this time in Area 7 this morning by Fran Stickler.

01/07/20 A Red Fox Vulpes vulpes cub was seen walking along the banks of the Emm in Area 4 by Malcolm Dunmore.

Fish/ Crustaceans